Message From The President

As we embark upon the next two years with new and refreshed enthusiasm, I look forward to the enjoyment we receive as we share projects and activities with our fellow District and Club members. It is an exciting time for us as our organization grows and moves forward.

My theme, “Back to the Future — One Leap at a Time” is a reminder to think of what the future can and may bring and how we can help influence its outcome. We have a long history of being an environmentally informed and concerned group. Many of you have practiced conservation in some way all your lives. The rest of us have learned the need to recycle and reuse, to conserve our use of electricity, water and fuel. We are using less chemicals in our gardens and homes, have become more aware of the consequences of a polluted world. Home vegetable gardens are once again gaining popularity as we find our foods are more expensive, processed, and genetically modified.

Through education and communication our communities are coming around to our way of thinking. By going back tomany of the ways of our past we are learning to protect our future. Conservation, Preservation and Restoration: this CPR of our environment, communities, districts, and clubs is foremost. The future is full of possibilities. Leap into action!

Terry Critchlow
WSFGC President 2015-2017
“Back to the Future —One Leap at a Time”

Back to the Future – One Leap at a Time